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Actuarial Consulting for Attorneys

We provide forensic actuarial work and life expectancies, as well as expert testimony.

Areas of actuarial expertise include:

∙ Divorce-related financial estimates and projections
Florida Statute 112.08 filing: actuarial soundness
PPACA/ACA/Affordable Care Act financial analysis
∙ Self-funded feasibility analysis
∙ Minimum value certifications

Actuarial certification of financial plans for CMS grants
Claim cost projections and COBRA rate development
IBNR/reserve estimates
∙ Trend analysis
Large claim expectation and stop loss cost/benefit analysis
∙ Benefit design and evaluation of savings if changes are made
∙ Utilization review, analysis and executive summary
∙ Enrollment migration cost savings estimates upon change in plan offerings
∙ Wellness plan ROI and biometric testing claim analysis
∙ Insurance renewal strategy and negotiation
∙ Contribution strategy
∙ RFP consultation and scoring

Actuarial accrual models for plan performance reporting

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